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The Knowledge Management Institute of Canada

Many industries today are facing the pending loss of critical knowledge. The Knowledge Management Institute of Canada, (KMIC) provides solutions to help companies and individuals implement knowledge management strategies which:

  • Harvest and transfer knowledge across their organization
  • Align people, processes and technology to improve individual and organizational performance
  • Capture and transfer critical knowledge from retiring experts to new employees
  • Bridge the knowledge gap which exists between formal classroom training and field experience
  • Improve operational effectiveness and efficiency
  • Improve an organization's performance and profitability
  • Manage risk
  • Use knowledge as a competitive advantage to drive continuous improvement and innovation
  • Build KM Champions within organizations

Read more about the training and certification programs we offer and discover for yourself the many opportunities available to address your knowledge management, learning, and technology needs. KMIC is a licensed affiliate of the International Knowledge Management Institute (KMI) of Washington D.C.

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Interested in learning more? Try out our demo for a sample of our KM courses.

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